Club Information

Founding story

Adrenaline was founded in 2014 with the intent and mission to bring the best training opportunities to Eastern Iowa families. Looking to give back towards their community, the AVA ownership and it’s supporters opened the Iowa Sports Center Doors to our athletes in the hopes of growing athletes on and off the court. Since then, Adrenaline Volleyball Academy has been dedicated to the mission of Players and Families First. The AVA Leadership is happy to welcome to our facility, events, or teams alike and aims to give each individual athlete the chance to rise to the very peak of their potential.

Mission Statement: Players and Families First

Adrenaline Volleyball Academy was built to bring the best training possible to our community. Our aim is to empower youth through the sport of volleyball by striving for greatness on and off of the court. We believe that character and culture counts. We believe WE > ME. We are dedicated to training (physical and mental along with discipline) to create an atmosphere conducive to the necessary training environment needed to take each individual athlete to their highest potential. Iron sharpens iron; therefore all playing time is earned.


When it comes to youth development, we want to provide training that creates a fundamental skill set as a base to grow from.  Youth development training will include motor development, movement, volleyball skills and many other training techniques to create a solid base for further advancement in the sport.  In addition to the physical training, the love of the sport and the desire for advancement is a focal point for our training staff.

As a player continues to advance from our youth development program into the Travel Program, the physical training will intensify while the mental training is incorporated.  Mental training will focus around the word “confidence.”  Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. If doubt were to be a disease, its cure would be confidence.  At Adrenaline Volleyball Academy, all athletes will “Dream Big” and use confidence to propel those dreams.  It will also be understood that teamwork and success are directly correlated.  The group of individuals on the court may be the greatest individuals ever known to the sport of volleyball but without teamwork, they will never find success.  Through commitment and teamwork, all athletes will have the opportunity to reach success.

Non profit

In addition to offering the best training and opportunities to any and all families we are able to, Adrenaline Volleyball Academy is a Non Profit organization. Our programs are aimed at bringing the best opportunities for our local constituents. In part of maintaining costs to be as low as possible and operating at nationally competitive offerings AVA is also looking for opportunities for individuals, groups, or businesses to contribute charitable contributions towards the success of our families. If you or a party you know is interested in contributing to the success of the program or a particular member of the program, please reach out to